Reviewing Post-16 Qualifications to Create a World Class Technical Education System

International progression report: good practice in technical education
Published today (10 Nov), this report by Sue Tate and Professor David Greatbatch was commissioned to inform the Department for Education’s review of post 16 qualifications at level 3 and below and in particular, to find out how England’s post-16 level 2 compared to that in other countries, and to offer insights into how other countries support progression in upper secondary level technical education.

The primary aims of this research were to:

Map England’s post-16 level 2 qualifications approach to those in other countries;
Explore how progression through the levels is supported and encouraged in other countries;
Examine the extent to which level 2 acts as a direct route to employment in other countries.

Author: Sue Tate and Professor David Greatbatch


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