Project Coordinator:


“European platform for civil and society development” Association is an independent, voluntary and non-political organization that aims to provide information from various fields to improve awareness of citizens about the new living conditions in the EU. The organization works in the following areas: respect for human rights and their promotion; participation, support and implementation of youth activities and initiatives; organizing and participating in regional, national and international events – youth and student exchanges, conferences, symposiums, festivals, competitions, seminars and others; cooperation and exchange of best practices with other organizations at national and international level in the field of vocational education. At the present moment the organization has more than 40 members, most of them young people. The organization applies modern approach, bringing together professionals who have extensive experience in organizing and conducting educational and youth activities.

Our aim is:

  • To promote the European dimension of lifelong learning through transnational cooperation.
  • To increase adults capacity to play an active role in the society and develop their intercultural awareness.
  • To promote innovation and improve accessibility and quality of Educational provision for youths by means of European cooperation.
  • To promote the idea of voluntarism in our society, in youth and in Europe.
  • To develop cooperation, as this would lead to a better education and culture for youth and adults.
  • To plan, promote innovating projects for all citizens within a lasting program of a life-long learning, aiming at the promotion of Democracy, Peace and better Education.


Partner Organisations:



Secondary General School “Konstantin Velichkov” – town of Plovdiv  is a municipal  school, which is located in the “South” region of the town. It borders with the South industrial zone, where a lot of industrial enterprises, trade agencies, hypermarkets and warehouses were created and work in the last decade. They provide employment for not only the inhabitants of the region, but for the population of the small settlements in the Rhodope mountain outskirts as well. A stable tendency for migration and permanent settling of people from more distant mountain towns and villages in the “South”region is present. The region is densely built-up and is growing in the southern direction. Traditionally in Secondary General School  “Konstantin Velichkov” have studied students not only from the region, but from the neighbouring villages at distance no more than 10 kilometres– Brestnik, Kuklen, Branipole, Markovo, Komatevo and others as well. For the children from these settlements   this is the nearest secondary general school with the best-organised and the most convenient public transport to it. It is expected that this tendency will increase since some of the village schools were closed in the recent years. The Municipality of Plovdiv has just opened a new nursery in the western part of the schoolyard. There is also a pre-school group in the school itself. This entire educational complex provides educational services from pre-school age to 12th grade for the inhabitants of the region.  


Secondary General School “Konstantin Velichkov” offers general and specialised schooling and training carried out by highly qualified specialists for students from 1st to 12th grade in the following majors: choreography, football, field hockey – for students from 1st to 8th grade, tourism, IT – for students from 9th to 12th grade. English and German are taught intensively as optional subjects in the curriculum. For more than 15 years the school has been accredited for practice training of students from the University of Plodiv “Paisii Hilendarski”, the Faculty of Philology with major “Bulgarian language and Literature”. Since 2009 in collaboration with the University of Plodiv “Paisii Hilendarski”the school has been accredited  for  education and integration of children with special educational needs/ SEN/. For these children are available two special resource rooms and three resource teachers and a sports hall . The following other facilities are available and function  in the school: three up-to-date computer rooms, an ecology room, a cookery room, a library, a logopedic room,  a medical care consulting room, two gymnasiums, the one of which  has the largest area in the South Bulgaria, a canteen, a schoolyard with a grass hockey playground. For the students from 1st to 4th grade all-day schooling is provided

In the last five years a lot of national and international projects have been developed and implemented aimed at improving the conditions in the building and achieving higher educational results. An ecology room was established and and ecology club started under a national project two years ago. The school has 12 other clubs with 142 participants. They are trained in different fields according their skills and interests – football, grass hockey, tourism, cookery, IT, art, history etc. We have students with great achievements who have been awarded in national and international competitions.

In its 33-year history Secondary General School “Konstantin Velichkov” has been recognised as an educational institution ensuring qualitative general and specialised education for its graduates. After finishing school about 50% continue their education studying prestigious majors in colleges and universities. A great number of them have a successful professional realisation. Among the former graduates there are doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants and people, running their own business. According to the results of the state annual assessment tests, the school takes the third position in “South” region among 12 schools.



The “Multy Ethno Forum” Association is a legal entity with an idealistic goal, independent, voluntary, nonpolitical organization, separate from the organizational form of its members, which does not make a distinction based on nationalities, religions, genders and races. The association was founded in 2008, and in 2014 it was re-registered for public service.

Goals, main resources and activities:

The association has the following main goals:

– Presenting information from various areas and directions aimed at improving the knowledge of the citizens about the new life conditions in the EU;

– Developing, organizing and conduction of educational and qualificational events, courses, and educational programs;

– Developing and establishing the spiritual values and the society based on the principles of democracy.

The active promotion of the European exchange and the approach to promote high quality work within EU projects is demonstrated within the framework of its annual symposiums, where the MEF gathers European experts coming from the fields of economy, social economy, public administration and the non-profit sector.



Our missions are:

  • Establishment of local, autonomous, national, European and international studies and projects which deal with employment, competitiveness and social cohesion, and training related to the UK educational system
  • Help to improve employment and initiatives (eg. orientation) paying special attention to young people and other groups in social and labour exclusion risk.
  • Continuous training of workers and unemployed people from different sectors of activity including the previous training to obtain professional certificates
  • Collaboration with Public Administration, private companies and social agents covering their needs and working with active employment policies
  • Development of innovative training materials
  • Promote workers’ s and students mobilities to improve their training and experience and profile
  • Consultancy and services for the companies.
  • Management of Quality and evaluation of proposals, implementation, etc.
  • Organization, collaboration in congresses, courses, seminars, meetings, conferences, research, and any event related to education, training and employment.


We providing guidelines in the follow spheres:

– Public Speaking

– Educational Consulting

– Organizing and conducting of Youth exchanges

– Project management

– Student Organizations Involvement

– International Conferences Organizing

– Social communication and coordination

ACTION EXCHANGE LTD staff has participated successfully in international partnership projects under LLP program in Erasmus, YiA Programme, Erasmus+, sub- programs related to education, training and employment being the co-coordinator and partner and participating in the development and implementation of all phases in the proposal including the quality assurance in the project and dissemination phases. As a training service provider, ACTON EXCHANGE LTD organizes, manages and delivers high quality specialized training for companies and local and other public authorities which gives it the tools to implement and manage high quality projects.



A reputed international institute located in Prague, Czech College is acclaimed for providing the best education in management studies and technology. Students at Czech College have access to state-of-the-art facilities and are mentored by professionals using the latest teaching methodology. Industrial experience is the other key highlight of our courses.

Czech College is an English-language privately managed college based in Prague, in Czech Republic. The college offers diploma and degree programs in Business Management & Strategic Management. Starting from 2016, the new School of Technology will offer degree courses in Web Development & e-business and Digital communication.

All the programs are based on the British curriculum and accredited by ATHE.

Czech College is organized around two schools and has approximately 500 students, of which 90% are international.

We ensure that our students gain practical knowledge through internships and being part of projects at reputed organizations.

Students from Czech College are armed with a strong theoretical base as well as work experience, thus brightening their career prospects and widening their opportunities.



Asociația “Tinerii 3D” (The Association of 3D Youngsters) is a NGO from Craiova, Romania existing since 2012, registered January 2013. We are a group of young people who is fighting for respecting the right of the young people in the community, for social integration and support of the youngsters that belong to disadvantaged social groups and also for developing a healthy way of life in 3Directions: education of the mind, culture for soul and sport for the body. Among  our objectives you can find promotions of the volunteering work, of the general creativity, of gender equality and non-racist prejudices, of the exploration of national and other countries culture, of organisation of sport contests and last but not least, the promotions of the principles of European Union and European citizenship.


MANE – CZ s.r.o.

MANE – CZ is a marketing company working mainly in the field of online education. We organize focus groups and interviews with potential students; deliver presentations and seminars, research opportunities for future development.

The company operates not only in the Czech Republic but also on the territory of the European Union.

MANE – CZ is also engaged in the field of career education and counseling and has been planning, providing services and managing projects within the VET sector, guidance and education system in several EU countries. It is a certified by International Academic Accreditation Agency as provider of educational guidance services.

It has a specific expertise in the field of guidance provision, developing and managing innovative projects to support and improve the Bologna process among Czech Republic and other EU countries and regions. Our work including services with and within the VET system and the secondary education system.

We cooperate with several organizations to train trainers, teachers and guidance counsellors and develop innovative guidance tools. We are taking part actively in funded projects in the field, also with management and coordination roles and building qualified partnerships and networks.