Independent Commission on The College of the Future launch UK-wide final report: #CollegeoftheFuture

Lifelong learning central to helping people and businesses rebound from the pandemic, says Sir Ian Diamond
Radical, long-term education and skills reforms and investment are needed to address current and future skills gaps and transform life chances for every adult.

The Independent Commission on the College of the Future calls for colleges to be placed front and centre of those reforms across the UK’s four nations in its ground-breaking new report published today (28 Oct).

Today’s report, The College of the Future, calls for every adult to have the right to lifetime education and training, with colleges better supported to deliver this in every community across the UK. The Commission has set out how colleges can be supported across the four nations of the UK to deliver the lifelong learning and business support needed for people, employers and communities to survive and thrive in the future. The vision and recommendations are endorsed by leaders from across business, academia, unions, colleges, and the student body from all four nations.

Author: College of the Future


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